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The employee provident fund organization came into existence in the year 1952 in order to provide benefits to the employees. A small amount of money was deducted from the employee’s salary and transferred to the provident fund. Employees had the full right to withdraw their amount as per their requirement. The employee provident fund had provided stability and comfort to many of its employees.

The online epf had made things much easier and simple for the account holders and they can easily access their account information online without any complications. With the inception of online facilities and advancement in technology, employees can access their accounts and can have all the information by using their unique number allotted to them. The epf status online allows account holders to check the status of their claim from the official website by using the valid account number and other details. The online epf had provided a great comfort to the account holders by allowing them to access their accounts online and making the transaction and processing very simple and free of complications. The online mode of processing had an encouraging response from both the employees of employee fund organization and from the account holder. The online epf saves a lot of time and provide comfort to the account holder.

The epf online status allows account holder to check the status of the provident fund or the status of the claim. Account holders can download various forms from the internet and can fill it online, for instance if the account holder wants to withdraw the amount then he can download the withdrawal form from the internet. In order to fill the form for various purposes, one should always have necessary details regarding the account like account number, account code, establishment code and alike. The account holder has to furnish all the necessary details in order to submit the form. There are number of forms with unique number, so one must be confirmed about the numbers of forms in order to fill the required form. With the evolution of new and innovative technologies, the speed of processing had become much faster and ease the tedious manual labor.

The online epf provides number of facilities to the account holders and it had revolutionized the mode of processing. These facilities played a pivotal role in providing comfort to the old age account holders and they can access all the information at their own places.

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