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There are many number of epf form and every form is filled for different purposes. The unique numbers are allotted to various forms so that the employees do not get confused with the numbers. There are number of forms for different purposes like epf withdrawal form for withdrawing the amount from the fund.

In order to transfer the account the epf application form is filled. All these forms are filled in order to perform a particular operation. Employees can access all the information regarding their accounts by filling an appropriate form. All these forms are also available online and one can easily download these forms from the internet and can fill it.

The epf form had made things much easier for the employees and they do not need to run from pillar to post in order to get their amount. Employees need to fill the required form and the processing will be done in order to perform the transaction. The provident fund scheme was incorporated in the departments in order to provide facilities and benefits to the employees. The provident fund helped many employees to accomplish various responsibilities and played a vital role in supporting and in providing financial assistance to old age employees. This scheme allowed many employees to live the same prosperous life even after their retirement. Employees can withdraw the amount from their funds whenever they require by filling a simple form of epf withdrawal form. Every employee had a unique number and a claim id to know the status of his or her claim. With the advancement in technology and incorporation of new techniques, the tedious manual labor is replaced by the computerized system, and this had made things much easier.

Employees can easily access their account information from the internet by using the unique number allotted to them. This advancement played a vital role in providing relief to old age employees by allowing them to access their account information from their own places. This had reduced excess amount of travelling that old age employees used to do in order to get their claims.

The provident fund came into existence in the year 1952 and from then on, it is providing benefits to a large number of employees. Many employees had benefitted from it and will continue to benefit from it.

The epf form a very simple and easiest way of operation and allows employees to access it without any complications.

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